The First Born Church of the Living God was established in  Waycross, Georgia on May 12, 1913.  The founding fathers were J. Q. Croom, S. P. Croom, A. M. McNair, W. M. Holland, M. M. Hall, L. G. Lockhart, E. M. Goodson, O. T. Ganger and L. O. Golden.

The First Administration (1913-1921) was headed by Bishop L. Q. Croom. Since this was the original administration, there were no legislated laws. Consequently, the Senior Bishop and founders governed the church. 1921.

The Second Administration (1921-1924), the Introductory Administration, was headed by Bishop W. M. Holland.  During this administration the first constitution and by-laws were introduced.  This administration was cut short due to the sudden passing of Bishop Holland, who did not live to see the constitution put into effect.

The Third Administration (1924-1939), the Legislative Administration, was headed by Bishop J. C. Blakely. During this administration, the constitution and by-laws were ratified and the Executive Board was established.

The Fourth Administration (1939 - 1949), the Constructive Administration, was headed by Bishop Clinton Miller. This administration was so named because of the extensive building program which was carried on. The present International Headquarters was constructed during this time.

The Fifth Administrative (1949-1979),the Progressive Administration, was headed by Bishop H. J. Echols. The church was completely reorganized with the creation of the four dioceses – Tri-State, South Florida, Central and North-Northwestern Dioceses. During this period, the church expanded into the Bahamas, Jamaica, Haiti, and England. The First Born Seminary and Training School was also established and a new school building was constructed. The Fifth Administration ended with the passing of Bishop Echols on August 4, 1979.

The Sixth Administration (1979-1980) lasted less than a year. It was headed by Sr. Bishop C. L. Smith who succeeded Bishop Echols. During his short tenure, the purchase of the land upon which a new International Headquarters is to be built was started. The Sixth Administrative ended with the passing of Bishop Smith in May 1980.

The Seventh Administration (1980) was headed by Bishop R. B. Thompson lasted only a couple of months, from May to August 1980. Due to illness, Bishop Thompson was unable to assume the duties of Senior Bishop.

The Eighth Administration (1980-1994), the Holy Administration, was headed by Bishop A. Hill. During this time, The Bishop and Mother A. Hill Benevolent Fund was created to assist the needy on an individual basis. Under this Administration, the sanctuary of the International Headquarters was completely renovated  and three (3) new dioceses were formed. The South Florida Diocese was divided into two (2) dioceses. The southern half of Florida kept the name South Florida, and the Northern portion of Florida was named North Florida. Tri-State was divided into two (2) dioceses. The Florida portion of the Tri-State dioceses was names West Florida and the remaining portion was named Mid-South. This administration ended when Bishop Hill was removed from office by the Executive Board in 1994.

(1994-1998) The Executive Board appointed Bishop W. L. Johnson to the office of Interim Senior Bishop. He served during the time of civil litigation between Bishop Hill and the First Born Church.

The Ninth Administration (1998-2009). the Administration of Law& Order and Grace & Truth, was headed by Bishop W. L. Johnson. 

The Tenth Administration (2009- present), the New Millennium Administration, is currently headed by Bishop J. C. Howard.  His first objective is to revitalize evangelism.  We need to reach out and draw the lost into the body of the church. Share your faith with others and discuss the way of the Lord Jesus


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